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Current Work Samples

Web Design

Websites, pages, and apps demonstrating my proficiency with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a variety of development environments:

CMS: bellevuearts.org
Bellevue Arts Museum's website was built by Garrigan Lyman Group in 2016 and is managed on the Umbraco CMS platform. I have served as the primary editor since its launch.

Email: Kids & Family newsletter, January 2020 example
BAM's email campaigns are hard coded in Adobe Dreamweaver. I independently coded the base template for these emails in 2016.

Hard-coded website: ev-smith.github.io/portfolio
This personal portfolio website is published to Github pages through Windows command line. It also serves as an example of my graphic sensibilities and demonstrates some of my independent work with JavaScript.

Full stack application: Wander
This Instagram style application was created in collaboration with my 2020 Kal Academy teammates, @mrskodi and @aditibr using React and MongoDb. You can see and hear me walk through all the features of this application on YouTube.


Writing samples demonstrating my proficiency in varied styles of communication:

  • Policy updates: DEI Progress Reports
    The reports on this page were written by me and lightly edited by members of the Museum's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

  • Press Release: School: The Joseph Rossano Salmon Project
    An example of a press release for an exhibition at the intersection of art and environmental activism.

  • Social Media writing: Penguins on Tour!
    Copy introducing a fun exhibition tour video on Facebook.

Graphic Design

These design samples show a mix of independent and collaborative work. Much of the graphic design I undertake at the Museum involves remixing original print creative from our Graphic Designer for use in email, web, or video. Campaigns without a print element, including Preview Parties, and select Development campaigns, are completed independently.

Independent work: Robert Williams Preview Party campaign
Source file: Robert Williams, Puppets Orchestrating Puppets

I created this campaign independently using a Robert Williams painting as the base graphic. I then selectively masked the typography in Photoshop to give the illusion that it was placed between the two puppets.
See in email campaign »

Collaborative work: intro animation for Artful Evening 2019 auction videos
Source file: Artful Evening 2019 catalog cover by BAM Graphic Designer

I created this animation in Adobe After Effects with elements from an existing InDesign file by BAM's Graphic Designer. The source file was designed for a vertical print piece (auction catalog cover) and needed to be reworked into a horizontal orientation for widescreen video. I then animated the line art and text elements to create a video intro that complimented the 2019 auction branding.

Independent work: Artful Evening 2018 After Party campaign - PPT slide

This is an example of an original graphic design campaign using my own photography. I extended the sides of the image in Photoshop to allow more room for typography, masked off the top of the sculpture for additional visual interest, and integrated the orange line art that was used throughout that year's auction PowerPoint.

Additional slide from same PPT, using provided line art to incorporate image highlights

End-to-end video production

These videos showcase a variety of content production skills from color grading to sound editing to animation. My videos have been used for advertising and social media marketing campaigns, virtual programming, on-site Museum display, and donor cultivation.

Stop motion animation | Nicole Gordon: Altered States

I conceptualized and executed this stop motion film during the Museum's COVID-19 closure as an alternative way to share Chigaco artist Nicole Gordon's Altered States exhibition with a virtual audience.

Curator Talk | Morgan Madison, Somnodrome for BAM from Home

This video is one of 12 BAM From Home curator tour videos I produced over the course of the Museum's COVID-19 closure in 2020. The series features the Museum's Cheif Curator giving insight into artwork at BAM.

Get Crafty with BAM | Tubular Topographic Maps for BAM from Home KIDS

This video is one of 10 BAM From Home KIDS videos I produced over the course of the Museum's COVID-19 closure in 2020. The series features the Museum's education team demonstrating how to make crafts at home for kids and families.

Timelapse - Example 2 | Jeffrey Stenbom, Every Year Installation

Another example of content created for the Museum's social media channels capturing the installation of Jeffrey Stenbom's moving work on veteran suicides, Every Year.

Performance art documentation | Demonstration of Labor Camp's, THEM

This video documents the performance art aspect of Labor Camp's, THEM The video is currently on view in the Museum Forum alongside the label for the physical work.

Donor cultivation video | Artful Evening Gala Auction, 2017

An example of a storytelling video for the Museum's annual auction in 2017.

Photo editing

Below are a couple examples of before and after photo edits. Drag the slider to compare the edited images versus the straight-out-of-camera files.

Example 1

I loved this photo of the install crew driving a hot rod into the Museum Forum, but did not love that Dylan Neuwirth's Source Code was unplugged at the time. I used existing photos I had taken of the work to turn it on via Photoshop (making sure not to neglect the reflection on the floor!).

Example 2

Getting the gallery guides and artwork in focus at the same time in this composition wasn't possible with the amount of available light. The gallery guide and the artwork were also slightly out of alignment. To fix both issues, I took a separate photo focused on the work and stitched the two images together.

Photography highlights

A selection of photography from the last few years.

Many of these images were created using some of the same editing techniques mentioned above. All color editing and some spot edits are done in Lightroom with any major photo manipulation done in Photoshop.